International Quality Range Assessment

What is IQRA?

International Quality Range Assessment (IQRA) is IKRAM-Musleh’s assessment programme for 16 year-olds’ becomingness as an individual, after they had undergone years of educational development. Becomingness refers to the outcome (as opposed to the output) of the educational processes as we prepare them to meet real-life challenges. There is no attempt to rank individuals or institutions. The main purpose is to describe the becomingness of participating individuals and their institutions.

Philosophy Of Islamic Education

An education process based on a Tauhidic Approach with the objective of developing and generating virtuous cardres in holistic, integrated balanced and dynamic system guided by Al-Quran and As-Sunnah. This effort is to produce individuals capable of managing and administering his personal life, family community and country towards compassionate civilization resulting in real happiness in this world and Hereafter.

Who Are We

Pendidikan IKRAM Musleh Berhad (IKRAM Musleh) is the agency fully responsible for implementation of strategies and planning in education for Pertubuhan IKRAM Malaysia (IKRAM); and also to enhance cooperation, coordination and sharing of resources amongst IKRAM preschools, primary schools and secondary schools

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Indicators of Human Becomingness

IQRA shows indicators of becomingness thru spider-web graph.

Intervention Modules

Modules are available for your students or children.

Available in 6 Languages

IQRA is in Malay, English, Arabic, Indonesian,
Russian and Swahili.

Certificate & Transcript

You can save and print your own certificate
and result transcript.

IQRA is a very useful assessment system as an indicator of Human Becomingness.
Ali Al-Junaidi
Covering broad and detailed aspects related to student's becomingness.
IQRA is a very useful assessment system as an indicator of Human Becomingness.
Ali Al-Junaidi